Pierre Cardin : The "Eternal Futurist"

Suzy Menkes of the New York Times, recently provided a retrospective of the life and work of fashion pioneer Pierre Cardin. Cardin launched his first ready to wear collection on the eve of the feminist movement. Obsessed with the future of design [and maybe subconsciously, the women’s movement], Cardin saw women wearing and moving in his clothes comfortably.

He says, “I wanted to give women in the 1960s a chance to work, to sit, to take the car and drive in my dresses.”
Cardin incorporates orbits, satellites and helmets with silhouettes that allows to body to move freely.

According to NYT, he’s “considered a maverick and an outsider”. Cardin aims to provoke the conventional, but strives to remain relevant at 87 years young.

With timeless design and three dimensional motifs, Pierre Cardin proves that a cropped blazer with shoulder pads will never go out of style.

Check out Pierre Cardin’s work here

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