A Very Mary Meyer Halloween

October 25, 2012 by

Happy Halloween from Mary Meyer Clothing! This has got to be our favorite holiday, because it comes with a full range of costuming, and we love dressing up. So, we decided to put together a couple of costume ideas for this year's spooky season. There are plenty of pieces at the MM and Friends Vintage store (56 Bogart) to satisfy your costume needs. And you'll want to continue wearing these throughout the year.


Wednesday Addams has always been a style icon among teenage goths, so we decided to use the Mary Meyer plain black Aztec dress to create a bit of a grown up version of the Addam's daughter.

Shop the look:
Aztec Dress in black - $174
Chelsea Crew Detour boots - $78


Angela Chase is another personal style icon of ours, being incredibly inspired by 90s grunge for our Fall '12 collection. So, we decided to take the plaid Cher dress and dress it up with things from the Friends Vintage and MM store to create a classic Chase look: plaid, denim, lace up boots.

Shop the look:
Cher Dress in plaid - $197
FV Denim vest - $32
FV Little black backpack - $36
Dickens lace up boots - $74


MM in Solestruck's "On The Road"

August 13, 2012 by


Solestruck hit the road to photograph their SS12 collection in various cities across the nation and perfectly captured the MM Party Dress. Watch the whole video and pay attention at 2:20! We absolutely love Solestruck's shoes and style, so much that we threw a party in their honor in June with a TBA pop-up shop all month. 

Now, watch the video from the party.

Solestruck and Mary Meyer are a match made in heaven.


One Year of Love

July 31, 2012 by

We are super excited to have been at 56 for one whole, amazing year! To celebrate our love, we threw a party (no duh). This is what happened: good vibes, sick bands, and soulful Indian tacos (Anjali you are a genius!!!). In case you missed it, this is the night in a nutshell:



Fawn - Toronto's Coolest Boutique

June 30, 2012 by

Right now I'm in Toronto, the city of my birth, visiting my family and just being Canadian. Besides seeing my fam, there's another good reason to visit: shopping at Fawn, one of my favorite T.O. shops, owned by the lovely Kasha. Fawn has been around for 5 years and carries tons of super cool brands, including Electric Feathers, Complex Geometries, Study NY, Bliss Lau, and MARY MEYER! 

Kasha has carried the Mary Meyer brand for many years and we love that her customers continue to ask for Mary's custom prints and wearable shapes. Today when I visited the shop, Kasha looked bangin' in a Mary Meyer tank and black jeans. So pop on a Rush record, check out the pics I took, don't be a hoser and go buy some stuff at Fawn, eh!



Ab Fab: The making of the Fab collection.

June 14, 2012 by

When Fab reached out to see if I wanted to design a custom group for them, my first thought was to go for my heavy hitters. The Biggie has been a long time fan favorite. Why not!? It's so versatile, dress it up, dress it down and it being only one size takes out all the decision making. It just is what it is :) A maxi was the 2nd obvious choice since we cant seem to stop selling them.

For the prints I decided to remix some of my most popular prints. People are always asking to bring back an old print that they loved and I thought this was the perfect oppurtunity to shake them up and make them new. 

We're really happy with how the group came out and also that they can be offered to y'all at 40% off! 

Only til June 19th though! So get shopping

Hex from Spring 11 became Hex Mix

Snakedance from Spring 08 became Double Snake

Triangle Rising from Fall 09 became Triangle Rise and Set