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Spring2010 Collection is Live

Release date: 3/26/10

Mary Meyer, Brooklyn based Designer, has released a comprehensive group of her much anticipated Spring 2010 line on Meyer is known for the visual language she has developed through her signature high contrast prints. For Spring 2010 Meyer took the concept “visual language” quite literally and just decided to write one. The thesis pieces of her Spring line are graphic prints with phrases written on them like “High on Love”, but the phrases are coded in her symbols. Each shirt comes with a decoder hangtag that reveals to you what the prints say. Her thinking is “everyone wants so say something, but no one really wants so be defined by or subscribe to anything” and so the new language was born. In addition to this new language, her Spring line also contains her signature tribal inspired prints. Meyer has also released her first group of Men’s clothes, redefining basics like a muscle tee by adding a hood onto it and creating the perfect men’s tee.

Mary Meyer grew up in Los Angeles, CA and graduated from the California College of the Arts with a degree in painting. While in school, Mary studied extensive types of printmaking, weaving, dying, welding and woodwork and discovered her interest for fashion. After graduation, starting production out of her living room, she began to make custom shirts and dresses for her friends and peers. In 2005 she founded her own company, Mary Meyer Clothing, that is carried at stores such as OAK, Bono Drag and Pixie Market. She has become famous for her paint-like prints, wearable silhouettes and unique sense for detailing. Mary’s inspiration ranges from Andy Warhol, Franz Kline, African textiles, Japanese dye techniques, quilts, pop art, the beach, wheat pasted punk flyers and 80’s graphic tees. The combination of which creates a mark that is both original and yet somehow nostalgic. Mary Meyer aims to bridge fine art, her non-profit work and love of music; with beautiful guys and girls wearing and doing beautiful things.

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  • Beverly

    This is lovely, we did this in the phscerool room last year, but we didn’t think to hand print the base or the star, I might do this next year in the kindy room. xoxox

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