Crazy [but fashionable] Cat Lady

There’s something incredibly awesome about kitties. They’re mysterious, graceful and inspiring. The relationship between fashionistas and cats is undeniable — the graceful nature of kitties inspired THE catwalk.

The hardest working woman in fashion, Grace Coddington, documented 20 years of her cats through drawings and photographs with her partner, Didier Malige in The Catwalk Cats. Grace, Didier and their furry family sunbathe, eat sushi and sit on roof-tops.

From books, calendars and style websites, felines prove that they can style on you and improve the quality of your life.

The cat cult is real and 2010 is indeed the year of the cat (ok the tiger)! Need more, you can get your daily cat fix here.

Meow, meow.

Image from United Bamboo’s 2010 Calendar

Image from United Bamboo’s 2010 Calendar

Grace Coddington and her kitty

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  • Buble

    Monthly costs will be for food, litter, tyoethsn you have to decide if you are going to do a combination of wet and dry catfood or just dry or just wet? you will need a litter box and litter to fill it with and a scoop to clean it daily with.i would also suggest getting nail clippers and a scratching post/board and a ****** gun, when the cat is caught on tabletops or where not alloweed, ****** it so the cat doesnt know where it came from, after a few times, they will stay off that area, as far as breakables, cats are pretty gentle, but i would remove anything that could be broken until you learn what the cat will do and act, they are all very individual attitudes and personalities! Good Luck!

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