Black Dynamite!

Black Dynamite is so bad it’s good. A spoof on 1970s era blaxploitation films, Black Dynamite parodies the genre’s stereotypical elements — the obsession with ku-fung, fighting “The Man”, male posturing, sassy-ass women and ghetto living.

Star, producer and [underrated] [actor], Michael Jai White nostalgically invokes the spirit of blaxploitation with a killer body and kung fu grip.

Black Dynamite lays it heavy with this line: “Yeah yeah, mama. Now you could hit the sheets or the streets, it don’t make me no never mind. Now that’s your bag baby, you can go, or you could come. Can you dig it?”

Well, can you? Black Dynamite is now on DVD. Watch the Outta Sight trailer below.

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  • Mst

    Hi there! Really nice post. Thanks for sharing.I just love that font wich is used on the Foxy Brown poestr, ive seen it before on the poestr for Jackie Brown movite and even somewhere else too, cant remember what it was. Is there a chance that you might know the name of the font or even better, where to get it?

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