Filter This

Imagine this -- a world where websites that connect you to your friends, family and the larger public are blocked due to government restrictions and filters. For many of us, this seems unthinkable. But, this is real for folks who live in countries like Iran, China, North Korea and Cuba. 

Internet freedom fighter, Austin Heap, one up'd government regimes that block web content considered subversive with a software program aptly named Haystack. His mission statement -- good luck finding that needle. His goal is to allow access to everyone regardless of where you live in the world and who controls your government. How does he do it, first Haystack encrypts the data on your computer and transform the data to look like government sponsored websites or "normal" traffic.

According to Heap, roughly 30% of the world that has internet access live under some form of government internet censorship. Surprisingly, countries like England and Australia are included in this statistic.

Heap is public enemy one. Haystack is free to use, but Iran has funded a campaign encouraging self censorship and denouncing its use. While Austin Heap says he's not politically motivated, he considers free use of the internet a civil liberty and believes that the internet should be used as a tool to encourage dialogue. 

Check out Austin Heap's work here.


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