New Useless Machine

Sight Unseen asked me to make a mobile for their installation project via the Noho Design District 2010 "New Useless Machines". This project was super fun for me because I got to spend the week making art, which is something I get to do a little now a days but certainly not all the time. I made my mobile out of cardboard, paper mache and paint. I always forget what a great medium paper mache is, its light weight, strong and super cheap. Check out my process below and the installed pieces as well as some of the other pieces from the show at OAK's Bond street store.



Mary Meyer, "Light Storm" Cardboard, papier mache, paint, string.

Confetti System, "Branch 2" Wood, paper, mylar, cotton thread.

Graham Tabor, "From Romania With Love" Cast bronze, clay, cardboard boxes from Romania, yarn, tape.

Sarah Boatright and Kiel Mead, "Good Shape Bad Shape" Wood, string, papier mache, paint, love.


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