Exit Through The Gift Shop


Exit Through the Gift Shop is an absurd documentary about the making of a street-art documentary. Directed by prolific street artist (and some say sell-out) Banksy, with hours (years!) of footage filmed by camera obsessed, Thierry Guetta A.K.A. Mr. Brainwash A.K.A. M.B.W. The flick features other street artists such as Space Invader and Shepard Fairy with brief cameos from other masters (Swoon & Kaws!).

Gift Shop looks like an elaborate joke on the art-world and the hype that surrounds the "scene" and sadly Los Angeles. The most honest sequences of the film involved the guerrilla style night scenes in L.A, NY and across Europe. We often see the finished product of street-art in the day -- while jogging or on our way to work, but Gift Shop offers an alternative perspective on the production of public art. 

Check out the first five minutes above. Cheers to Mr. Brainwash. The joke is on us. 

Exit Through the Gift Shop is now playing in theaters.


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