This Place F***ing Stinks

The recent events concerning BP and our natural resources are disturbing. Labeled as the worst oil spill in U.S. history, it will take years to clean up the Gulf Coast. While many argue that the damage is irreversible, in a recent briefing, Coast Guard Admiral, Thad Allen believes, "Long-term issues of restoring the environment and the habitats and stuff will be years" [Source CNN].

Supermodel and environmentalist, Helena Christensen, slept in the three-bedroom, two-bathroom "Garbage Hotel"

A view from inside the hotel

In Europe, environmental group, Save the Beach and German artist HA Schult has designed a hotel comprised of 7,500 miles of trash; located in the heart of Rome. It's purpose -- to draw attention to the increase of beach pollution on the continent. The hotel was built with a variety of odd items, hand selected by Schult, including socks, bottles, cans and car parts.  

Highlighting a global challenge, Schult explains, “We produce garbage and we will be garbage. So, this garbage people and this garbage hotel is the next step for us all when we do not (do) better,” he said. “We have to change the world before the world changes us” [Source Euro News].

"Trash People"

Since the 1960s, Schult's life's work involves your garbage. He recently produced a global installation titled Trash People using electronics, plastic and metal. The figures (1,000!) resembling humans were installed in Egypt, Paris, and at the Brooklyn Bridge Site. He's recently working on a project about densely populated countries like India and China. I won't be surprised if these ghastly photos inspires Schult to bring his work back to the states.


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