In Her Shoes


Archeologists have recently discovered the oldest shoe in existence (pictured above). Found in a South-East Armenian cave, the shoe maintained most of its structure, as it was preserved in layers of animal dung. Made of cowhide and tanned with vegetable oil, the shoe is about 5,500 years old, predating the Egyptian pyramids!

Nature has kept the shoe in incredible shape, but scientists agree that part of its preservation was the result of the shoe being lined with yellow clay and stuffed with grass before it was buried. It's difficult to say whether the grass and clay helped to insulate the shoe in colder temperatures or if the user wanted to maintain its structure for longer use.

One of the lead scientist, Gregory Areshian revealed, “These were probably quite expensive shoes, made of leather, very high quality", as the NYTs reported.

You may not care about this old shoe, but the data on this time period is sparse. The site of the discovery may answer questions about this period, known as the Cooper Age, where humans domesticated animals and invented the wheel. 

Some questions about history's most innovative time will be answered, but I wonder who this person happened to be. BBC reports:

[Scientist] are unsure whether it was worn by a man or a woman. The shoe is relatively small, corresponding to a UK women's size 5 (European size 38; US size 7 women), but it could have been worn by a man of that period.

Whoever owed this shoe is awesome because this shoe is their legacy.


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