A homemade nuclear reactor grows in Brooklyn

Almost everyone in the fashion industry has an additional hustle. Mark Suppes, a freelance web developer for the luxury brand Gucci, moonlights as Nuclear scientist in his spare time. Suppes job as scientist is more than the extra cash, he wants to create cheap, clean energy. 

Mark Suppes pictured above in his warehouse located on Park Ave. Image courtesy of BBC News

Suppes lab is located in a warehouse on a non-descript block in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn and suprisingly, his work in combining atoms to create energy is totally legal, as his methods do not include radioactive materials. Scientists have been working on creating fusion reactors since the 50s. We don't know how close Suppes is in completing his goal and his neighbors find his experiments challenging in a residential neighborhood. However, Mark Suppes efforts have been recognized by some members of the community:

"I think it's a good idea. If a guy can make an invention like that, it should definitely be spread around so we don't need to depend on oil," Brooklynite Chris Stephens told the BBC. "We need to do something that's new and more creative for society." 


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