"Dirty Stones" are a Girl's Best Friend

Last week, MMC blogged about this summer's epic flick, but this year's real-life drama involves former Liberian President and alleged dictator Charles Taylor, Naomi Campbell, Mia Farrow, dirty stones and Nelson Mandela's home -- all visually intriguing.

Image taken from ABC News

Charles Taylor, is currently on trial for horrid crimes against humanity in The Hague. Taylor is also accused of using conflict diamonds to aid rebels in Sierra Leone. Naomi Campbell reluctantly testified that Taylor had given her "dirty stones" as a gift during a visit to Nelson Mandela's compound, but did not know the stones were in fact diamonds. In another surprising twist, Mia Farrow, who was also staying at Nelson's compound at the time, contradicted Campbell's sworn statement by testify that Campbell told Farrow that she received a "huge diamond" from Charles Taylor.

A fashionable witness Campbell in Hauge, wearing a third eye necklace and beehive hairdo

Andy Capper, London editor of Vice Magazine, witnessed Campell and Farrow as a witness in The Hague. Capper says, "I sat directly above Naomi Campbell. As everybody’s seen now she was wearing a very conservative beige twin set thing that brought to mind Tippy Hedren in Marnie. Her shoes, which nobody got photos of, were a bit more racy. They were Roman sandal things with heels."

While Campbell wants to project the image of virtue, Charles Taylor son "Bentman" (image below) proves he's an authentic artist by donning the uniform of your average American rapper. 

Andy Capper and Charles Taylor's son, who's a rapper called Bentman -- Image taken from Vice Magazine Online

The link between fashion and the accusations against Charles Taylor may be quite thin or trivial, but everything has meaning. This case is currently unraveling and hopefully we can see what's real underneath it all.

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