About the Neighbors


You never know who you live or work next to, until you read about them in the papers (read: she was such a nice gir?!l). Antenna Magazine featured our work neighbors, APK Media -- named after Family Ties hustler Alex P. Keaton. Creative partners, Brian Lane (left) and Daniel Navetta scored a remarkable location for Eminem's epic video titled, "Not Afraid". Along with location scouting, APK services include set design, video and postproduction.

Lane and Navetta also have a talent for constructing a unique workspace. Their Greenpoint loft includes rare items "like a refurbished fridge found in a junkyard under the Williamsburg Bridge or vintage map of the 1969 Queens public school system" (140).

These risk-takers thrive on being involved in the community, amongst their fellow up-starts. Aren't they a nice addition to the neighborhood? See you on Green Street. 

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