What's Beef

Lady Gaga's latest feat of styling herself from head to toe in raw meat for the VMAs caused controversy and popular opinion suggests that the star may have crossed the line, but as her fan base continues to grow, so do the DIY-Gaga-motivated-peformances. Call her what you may, but Lady Gaga's provocative nature and left-of-center style has inspired the masses.


Left: Meat outfit I, Lady Gaga for Japan Vogue Right: Meat outfit II, Lady Gaga goes for it (image provided by LA Weekly)

Gaga sparked regular folks and celebrities to recite her lyrics and her personal/stage style has been mass produced to become the most popular halloween costume. If you're looking for another Gaga inspired costume next month, New York Mag's Grub Street will point you in the right direction.

P.S If you're disgusted by all this, Gaga apologizes in advance.

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