Detroit | A Change Gonna Come

Several American cities get a bad rap. I recently had to defend (a gentrified) New York after a European wondered if a guy like him can safely venture to Harlem. I felt like Carrie Bradshaw in the I Love New York episode when she said, I can't have nobody talkin' s**t about my boyfriend. Whatever. We now know things have changed significantly.

The ebb and flow of a city's quality of life is constantly in flux. It's challenging and the causes are hard to determine. Once a city of ingenuity, industry and promise decades ago, for a number of reasons, Detroit has become socially and economically depressed; but things are(a) changing once again.

VBS.TV and Jackass star, Johnny Knoxville takes us on a journey on how creative types are re-directing Detroit's image, one abandoned warehouse at a time. Anything is possible. 

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