Die Antwoord at Roberta's


Roberta's has this incredible ability to simply keep doing everything right. At the moment they are expanding into the former auto body shop next door to their current location. In the meantime the cement building is a crazy construction site full of motorcycles, a screen-print shop and other madness. Recently, the super rad sensation from South Africa Die Antwoord, was over there and they ended up painting a few murals and having a photo shoot. The main mural (which is pictured first) is in the location of Roberta's future offices, so to top it all this awesome painting is totally temporary. Insiders get to enjoy it while they can. Keep on rocking peeps



  • Zeinab
    In the past, we have named a girl Turtle Shelly and a boy tultre Tucker . Try to have fun so you smile when you call her in from playing with the neighbor’s tultre.

  • SociopathGirl

    Nice .

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