Veggie Island Sunday Brunch, the coolest brunch in town

Veggie Island is the rad farm stand that opened this past summer in the front of Rockaway Taco. They hosted their first Williamsburg  pop up restaurant for brunch on Sunday and it was awesome. They served out of the Spectacle Theater  on S 3rd and Bedford. The vibe was great: sunshine, rad people and psychedelic movies.  The food was spot on, I had the biscuit and poached egg, which came with a mountain of sides including some amazing arugula pesto sauce. They cooked it all on a hot plate in a bedroom in the back and fed at least 100 people.  It was so great to go to brunch in Williamsburg and pay 10 bucks for a plate of great food, not have to wait 2 hours for a table and have it be filled with awesome folks.

I think they'll be doing more pop up restaurants through out the winter, so stay posted


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  • Shahzad

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