MMC 3rd Annual Holiday Sale | Home Goods

Last and certainly not least, we have cards, prints, candles and hand-crafted products .The craft-folks below are all local artisans and have made their natural and unique products with care. 555 Metropolitan Ave is going to smell delicious. 

Da Bruxa combines bio diversity and organic materials in her herbal care line. This weekend, Da Bruxa is stocking therapeutic herbal bath teas, herbal breath honey; nourishing lip balm and lip gloss; new year smudgin' sticks. We told you, delicious. 

Goldie's Soap's and handmade, natural scrubs smell heavenly. Produced in her kitchen, Sarah T's soaps and scrubs are almost edible. If you only have a few minutes to relax, this is your best bet.

Kin for Kin illustrates exciting greeting cards. The color choices are bold and designs, sleek.

Lauren White constructs two-toned scented handmade candles. Some are made in non-traditional shapes. Why settled for just one attribute when you can have 3-4?

Melinda Salazar feather hair extensions. Melinda hails from the southwest and the Northeast and brings magic and fun wherever she goes. Her feather extensions crimp into the hair and last for up to 6 weeks. They're hot.

Stephanie Levy is hand printing beautiful multi colored Lunar Calenders and cards.

The Wild Unknown -- this family run business has several talented members who are great visual artists. Their products ranges from hand-drawn calendars, 3D prisms and limited edition prints.

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    How neat! Is it really this smpile? You make it look easy.

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