This weekend marked the beginning of the growing season at our apartment in Bushwick.  I live on the fourth floor, so I grow in window boxes.  There are more creative ways to do it, but this is the easiest to manage.  I like to grow herbs for infusion into syrups for drinks or dessert, and this year we grew some lettuce, since lettuce is very easy to grow and always handy to use - eat your vegetables.


The guy who lives in the apartment across the yard spent last week making the awesome wildstyle graffiti mural.  The spray cans clattered when he shook them.  It was cool to watch someone painting for their own enjoyment - the guy's apartment is on the first floor and the mural is in his backyard which borders on two empty lots full of scrap metal, building materials, and industrial garbage.  I live in a filthy wasteland.  From left to right, this is parsley, mizuna, and butter lettuce.  The plants are from the Gowanus Nursery in Red Hook - we got all the plants for $19 including a lavender plant that is not pictured.  It's a good deal and the lady who owns it is cool.

Magically, the thyme on the left and the tarragon on the right made it through the winter - so I let them live and planted some mint in the middle.  Last year, I always wanted more mint.  We made a salad of roasted beets with a dressing of preserved lemons and mint.  It was good.


  • Zakir

    I seriously need to rub his nose for some good luck!!! But who will lift me?Umm…so I fogort your cute button on my post! You should have told me! But I fixed it. =)Happy Friday!!!

  • Jigar

    Hi nose looks like the spot on the Blarney Stone that has been kissed my millnois of people, myself included.You’re such a good Mamma taking them to such wonderful and educational places!

  • Arnie

    In awe of that anwesr! Really cool!

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