Cook and Gates OCEAN

Cook & Gates, the collaboration behind these awesome totes, are opening their art installation OCEAN this weekend. The duo created a fabric ocean with a sand beach. I have no idea what it's going to look like but I feel sure it's going to be awesome. The band Open Ocean is fittingly playing the opening and its also going to be accompanied by a sound piece by HOLLYWGD, of Should be super fun. Stay posted for the Tee Pop I'm planning with C&G for the closing party which will feature boys tees and beach towels.

Saturday May 14th 7 to 10

Live With Animals

210 Kent Ave @ Metropolitan

I love how they sent out postcards for the show, which is a rarity in the tech days.


  • Shahid

    aGnes , thank you so mcuh ^3^MiMi , 張床我訂做呢,而家画緊圖了Mirth , 係呢,我叫朋友幫我訂tommee tippee ..hehehee 走佬袋 都七七八八喇, thank you for your books arr..hopei can met your girl next time la..irisss ,我仲未收齊D卡 而家一頭霧水呀,家陣先申請雀巢呢艾莉,好彩有你,一万個 thank you ^3^巫 ,心理都ok準備o既REI,Grace, yes yes, 我會 邊刷 佢成為潔癖印印..hahahaa 不過我屋企以前o個兩個印印都OK 干淨 gei 糖糖, 我會加油~~~請大家放心吧~~~

  • Karik

    And I was just wondeirng about that too!

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