This photograph was taken in Kyoto at the house of a ceramic artist during a studio visit. 

Many Japanese houses contain flower arrangements, and this one was particularly striking.  I showed it to Japanese people and they often commented on how western it was.  That was a surprise to me because I could not imagine such a hybridization occurring anywhere else.  There were about a dozen apples and a few bunches of grapes.  The roses and fruit are fresh but the green foliage is 'preserved' - dried or otherwise treated.  It was beautiful and interesting to look at and think about.  There was much to look at in this house but I couldn't help staring at this.  

Kyoto, as it is written in Japanese kanji, reads 'Capital of Capitals', whereas Tokyo reads 'Eastern Capital'.  This is instructive in a way - Kyoto is the cultural capital of Japan, with more traditional artists, craftspeople, architecture, and ways of life.  Things are more high-brow but also necessarily more provincial. 

It Looks Cool!  I will be back from Japan next week and I have many cool looking things that I will share with you.

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