Making Bolinas 2 Miles

The last winter was hard for a lot of us. It was so cold and endless and all that snow... In the middle of it I had an idea of how to create a real working vacation: go to awesome places, bring blank stock and paint it. Bolinas 2 Miles is the first group like this I've done, but there is def more coming. All of it was printed with block printing tools that I made and each piece has an edition of 3 to 6. 

Bolinas is a trippy, beautiful California beach town and what its known best for is that the locals perpetually take the sign down off the highway, so you can only get there if you know how to get there. I briefly lived there as a kid and lucky for me my Dad moved back a few years ago. Doing this collection out there was inspiring and so fun. 





  • Katy

    Hi Nan,We are happy that you have given some Mary Meyer bears a new and important role to play while ppleoe are sick or injured. It is our hope that you can continue this for a long time. I read some of your links. Please send me your address and occasionally we may be able to help you with your mission.

  • Jenelle

    Finlaly! This is just what I was looking for.

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