Week In Review: Phants, Clam Pasta, It Can Change, and Bishop

Let's Get A Drink Tonight,
It's time for the WEEK IN REVIEW

  • Here is a photo of clam pasta.  Shoutout: Nami rolled out the pasta.  There is some onion, butter, lemon, and breadcrumbs too:

  • It Can Change, an art project I ran with Anthony Marcellini a few years back, was invited to participate in the 2nd Asian Triennial this October in Manchester UK.  The curator asked me to write a statement and I wrote about it here.   
    • Anthony reminded me of a song I wrote to go inside one of our sculptures called the Orgone Box, listen to it here.  It played inside the box and asked the people outside to come in.
  • Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio of Brooklyn.  He is the one with the red hat and crooked wooden staff in the back.  This is after the confirmation ceremony at Northside Catholic Academy in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  It's right around the corner from Best Pizza.  When I told the guys at Best Pizza that the bishop was outside, they ran down the street to get a look.



  • Juan

    Cool, you sond like a normal crazy runenr. I can see you have achieved so much and intend to achieve so much more! Good on you. he sky is your limmit, well the top of a mountain I supose is closer to the truth! I look forward to reading more.

  • Twiggy

    Life is short, and this article saved vaulbale time on this Earth.

  • Christina

    I thank you humbly for sahrnig your wisdom JJWY

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