Chelsea Crew Escalate

We just got in the Escalate, an amazing wedge booty from Chelsea Crew! These shoes look totally awesome with absolutely everything and every customer that tries them on ends up walking out with them! They're cute, comfortable, and reasonably priced. You have to have them!

In honor of the SHOE we put together three looks. Wear them with skinny jeans, a skirt, or a dress and be prepared to get compliments. Lots of them!


Chelsea Crew Escalate Bootie $87, Mary Meyer Biggie Cardigan $119, Mary Meyer Uni Tunic in Galaxy Splatter $96, Court Jeans Zoe in Grey $110, Lisa Levine Phoenix Bracelet $149, Lisa Levine Tiger Stripe Earring $160. All products available at Mary Meyer Clothing.

Chelsea Crew Escalate Bootie $87, Mary Meyer Long Sleeve Dress $156, Mary Meyer Party Purse $73, Lisa Levine Everything Feather Earrings $184. All products available at Mary Meyer Clothing.

Chelsea Crew Escalate Bootie $87, Mary Meyer Crop Tank $73, Cacharel Skirt $595, Billykirk Belt $135, Cook & Gates Pouch $20. Shoes, shirt, and bag from Mary Meyer Clothing. Skirt and belt from Opening Ceremony.


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