Hearts for Burberry

I'm in love with Burberry Prorsum's Spring 2012 collection. Some of the standouts were the parkas and coats, done in vibrant colors and paired with patterned skirts. Chistopher Bailey's designs showcased artisanal hand work, using wood beads, rafia flourishes, and woven leather to adorn his, as he called it, "joyous, happy, and upbeat" collection. Actually, the collection makes me kind of sad since I WANT it so bad, but don't have a wallet as big as my fashion fantasies...

Take a looksy:

An expertly tailored parka done in sophisticated colors. Why yes, I would like a side of rust with my olive green linen parka! The pencil skirt is made from striped jacquard raffia with stretch cotton. Ingenious!

Bailey's color combinations are killing me...they're just too good. In addition to his pencil skirts, he also did a fuller skirted silhouette. 

This coat is my favorite piece in the collection. The shape and proportion are exactly RIGHT. The combination of fabrics, colors, and textures provides a feast for the eyes. Desire consumes me! Burberry donations accepted.



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    Touchdown! That’s a really cool way of ptuintg it!

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