We are so excited to announce our new vintage store at 56 Bogart: Friends Vintage. Friends is all about awesome vintage clothing at super friendly prices. We love club kids, goths, grunge, and supermodels! In celebration of the chill in the air, we put together mash up of some of our fave Friends jackets (all under $50). Like us on Facebook  and follow us on Instagram and Twitter @friendsvintage for more BFF secrets. Love you, friends!



  • Jubrine

  • Jubrine

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  • Alma

    I really enjoy this store. The stage has always been sweet to me and your collection is so unique and desireable.

  • Florence

    Love, love what you creative, vibey folk are doing. Fine idea and some aemsowe designs. And why should us unique, rainbow people wear Brazilian slip slops, when we can design and make our own, huh? Happiness

  • Riizma

    i just raced over for the “you are my sunshine” pilolw and don’t see it. insert sobbing face hereis there one still available?and the first and second one you have in your blog post. are they gone too???ahhhhhh. :)

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