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  You know Solestruck, the coolest online shoe retailer in the world? Well now you don't have to sit alone in your room, gazing adoringly at at their website and dreaming. Now you can see the shoes in person: touch them, smell them, and meet other shoe addicts. YA GIRL!  Solestruck and Mary Meyer are teaming up to present a To Be Announced shoes month-long pop up shop and one-night-only launch party. The party is this Saturday, June 8 from 4-10pm. Live music from Daytona and Wild Yaks. DJ C-Lo the rest of the night. FREE BOOZE FOR ONE AND ALL. FREE BOOZE! Shop til ya drop.  Invite your friends!

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Roger is Awesome!

We wanted to write a blog post about Roger, who will be debuting his latest music project at our party this Saturday. Roger is multi-talented and his work spans the spectrum of music and performance art. We loved his band, The Nasties, and the spookiness of their ultra catchy tunes. Roger and James Thacer also produce, a multimedia web series that features NYC-based artists and musicians. Last, but not least, Roger is often the model for Mary Meyer men's designs and you've likely seen his combat booted feet smack dab in the middle of our online store and lookbook. To top it all off, Roger is all-around awesome! Don't miss his performance this Saturday, January 14. While you're at it you...

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Party this Friday!

We're super excited for this Friday, December 9. One of our FAVE bands, Steel Phantoms, is playing with Slowdance at Union Pool. The show was supposed to happen last week, but because of some health department bureaucracy, U Pool got shut down. It sucked! But, the world has righted itself and now the show is back and better than ever. And here's why... Our FAVE DJs, J. Penry and Jay Green, will be DJing between bands and will continue the party after the show is over. The dudes will be playing super fun records for their (FREE) Cheap Shots dance party. It also happens to be one of our FAVE chef's bdays. Jonny Meyer, who is also Mary's little bro, will...

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