Ben Peterson at the Philadelphia Academy of Fine Arts

Last week I went to Philadelphia to see Ben Peterson's artwork in the show Urbanism at the Philadephia Academy of Fine Arts.  PAFA was the first art school and art museum in the United States.  It is on Broad Street a couple blocks from City Hall.  It was the first art show I had gone to in a while and I was pleased with it.  Ben's work is incredibly detailed and impressively scaled.

Broad Street, Philadelphia - At 548 feet tall, the Philadelphia City Hall is the second tallest masonry building in the world.  It was constructed from 1871 to 1901.  It is the 16th-tallest building in Pennsylvania.

The Arch Street United Methodist Church, built between 1864 and 1870.  Behind it is the Masonic Temple, built from 1868 to 1873.  The gavel used to level the Temple's cornerstone was the same one used by George Washington to level the cornerstone of the Capitol Building in Washington, DC.

The Masonic Temple.

PAFA is the old building on the left as well as the modern one on the right.  Ben's show is in the modern one.

When I walked in there was a photographer taking pictures of Ben with his art.  A security guard told me that pictures were not allowed and made me put away my camera.



The artists Kat Karnaky, Ben Peterson, Mary Meyer, and Bonnie Pipkin.

The Applebee's parking lot is also a Wawa parking lot and we hung out there for a while.  We got computer hoagies with meatballs, hot peppers, extra cheese, and toasted.

The living room of Kat Karnaky and Ben Peterson in Kensington, Philadelphia.


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