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A New Day! 2012

In the first week of every new my good friend Bonnie Pipkin and I go dip our feet in the Atlantic at Beach 92. Its a great tradition. I really can't say if it's an accurate forecast for the year ahead, but this year the trip was both cold and inspiring.  Though it was FREEEZING and our toes were numb, the sun came out right when we got there and we sat in the sun for awhile after, remembering days of beach and glory.   xx   All boots are off! "Boy it sure is cold!" -Bones "Yikes!"- MM Spotlight

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For the Kids

What a Night!   Last Saturday, we had two fundraisers for The Step Right Up Program and thanks to all of you, both were a huge success!   The first was FEAST which stands for Funding Emerging Artists through Sustainable Tactics. If you don’t know about these people, read up and get into them! What a great group of folks! People submit artistic proposals and eight are chosen to present at a community dinner. Food is donated from lots of awesome local restaurants such as Marlowe & Daughters and Diner, and beer is donated from Brooklyn Brewery. For $20, guests come and feast then vote for their favorite project. Bonnie & Mary were workin’ it! They stood in front of their science...

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Ben Peterson at the Philadelphia Academy of Fine Arts

Last week I went to Philadelphia to see Ben Peterson's artwork in the show Urbanism at the Philadephia Academy of Fine Arts.  PAFA was the first art school and art museum in the United States.  It is on Broad Street a couple blocks from City Hall.  It was the first art show I had gone to in a while and I was pleased with it.  Ben's work is incredibly detailed and impressively scaled. Broad Street, Philadelphia - At 548 feet tall, the Philadelphia City Hall is the second tallest masonry building in the world.  It was constructed from 1871 to 1901.  It is the 16th-tallest building in Pennsylvania. The Arch Street United Methodist Church, built between 1864 and 1870.  Behind...

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