For the Kids

What a Night!


Last Saturday, we had two fundraisers for The Step Right Up Program and thanks to all of you, both were a huge success!


The first was FEAST which stands for Funding Emerging Artists through Sustainable Tactics. If you don’t know about these people, read up and get into them! What a great group of folks! People submit artistic proposals and eight are chosen to present at a community dinner. Food is donated from lots of awesome local restaurants such as Marlowe & Daughters and Diner, and beer is donated from Brooklyn Brewery. For $20, guests come and feast then vote for their favorite project. Bonnie & Mary were workin’ it! They stood in front of their science fair project-esque presentation board and chatted with so many people, spreading the good word of the program. And guess what? Step Right Up got the most votes and we got the $1,000 first prize! Wow! We are just so proud of the work we’ve done and that people recognized that at this wonderful event.


So there was that…


Then the girls changed into their party dresses and moved over to Tandem where they were to host a dance party. Tandem was so generous and gave us 10% of the bar sales and let us charge a $3 door fee to get into the back where Brandon Hoy and Eddie DC busted out the JAMS! Guess what? We raised another $1000 at that party too!

So, as usual, some shout outs are in order to the crew that made this all possible:


-FEAST! You are doing an awesome thing for the community! Keep it up! And thank you in particular to Miranda Ganzer for giving us the little push we needed to submit our project.


-Tandem for such intense generocity. Kathy & Jane, you rock!


-All our lovely friends that worked the door and I mean WORKED it! Anjali Suneja, Ralph de la Rosa, Miranda Ganzer (again!), Jessica Planter, Rogelio Ramos & Jose Aybar. 

-Thanks to all you that paid to get in. We KNOW that many of you gave much more than $3 and we thank you tremendously.


-Our crazy DJs… Brandon & Eddie! Did you guys even take breaks? We didn’t see it! You were on deck the whole time and really made the party!


-And what about the people that came to BOTH events? You know who you are and we love you.


So thanks everyone. It was really a magical evening. For the kids!


Bonnie & Mary

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