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Fashionable Friends at the 2012 Holiday Market Pt. 2

Next up, things to beautify your body & home! Check out these stunning and unique products that we're featuring at the 5th Annual Mary Meyer Multi Designer Holiday Market - this Saturday! Genga's large scale Spoke.Woven dreamcatchers are unique and breathtaking - all handmade herself, right here in Brooklyn, NY. Moss Def Plants are perfectly adorable. These bonsai moss balls make a great addition to any home & garden. Ever popular, Goldies All Natural body products treat you and your loved one's body right. See you all tomorrow! And don't forget, live music, free booze, & shopping all day! 12 - 9PM

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Fashionable Friends at the 2012 Holiday Market

The 5th Annual Mary Meyer Multi Designer Holiday Market is this Saturday, and we've been running around like little elves preparing for this HUGE shopping party! All of our friends will be here, so we're taking a second to introduce you to our most "Fashionable Friends" and their brands.  Purush Clothing Leisure Series Friends Vintage Mary Meyer Clothing Can't wait to see you all on Saturday! Don't forget, the party is all day from 12 - 9!

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A New Day! 2012

In the first week of every new my good friend Bonnie Pipkin and I go dip our feet in the Atlantic at Beach 92. Its a great tradition. I really can't say if it's an accurate forecast for the year ahead, but this year the trip was both cold and inspiring.  Though it was FREEEZING and our toes were numb, the sun came out right when we got there and we sat in the sun for awhile after, remembering days of beach and glory.   xx   All boots are off! "Boy it sure is cold!" -Bones "Yikes!"- MM Spotlight

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