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Let's Get Into the 90s

We love 90s here at MMC - and Gianni Versace is one of our fave designers - so we decided to celebrate the decade with an editorial from the 1992 summer issue of L'Officiel. This editorial was shot on location in Sri Lanka and now we're all dying to go! A lot of the models are wearing monochromatic outfits and I'm beginning to think that baby blue from head to toe is an amazing idea! Hopefully this shoot will give you some summer inspiration, but if a bare midriff is too much for you, at least there's some eye candy.    Niki Taylor in Gianni Versace and Cartier jewelry                Gianni Versace blouse and jeans, sandals Michel...

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A New Day! 2012

In the first week of every new my good friend Bonnie Pipkin and I go dip our feet in the Atlantic at Beach 92. Its a great tradition. I really can't say if it's an accurate forecast for the year ahead, but this year the trip was both cold and inspiring.  Though it was FREEEZING and our toes were numb, the sun came out right when we got there and we sat in the sun for awhile after, remembering days of beach and glory.   xx   All boots are off! "Boy it sure is cold!" -Bones "Yikes!"- MM Spotlight

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