Let's Get Into the 90s

We love 90s here at MMC - and Gianni Versace is one of our fave designers - so we decided to celebrate the decade with an editorial from the 1992 summer issue of L'Officiel. This editorial was shot on location in Sri Lanka and now we're all dying to go! A lot of the models are wearing monochromatic outfits and I'm beginning to think that baby blue from head to toe is an amazing idea! Hopefully this shoot will give you some summer inspiration, but if a bare midriff is too much for you, at least there's some eye candy.


Niki Taylor in Gianni Versace and Cartier jewelry                Gianni Versace blouse and jeans, sandals Michel Perry

Photograph by Jonathan Lennard

Mesh dress and culottes by Lionel Cross,                Mini dress by Alberta Ferretti

Bra by Christian Dior

Jacket by Emporio Armani, bra by Gaultier             Escada blouse and cigarette pants, bra by Hermes,            

Junior, Todd's moccasins                                        Mules by Free Lance

Yves Saint Laurent Rive Gauche blouse,             Claude Montana blouse, pants, bra by Alaia

pants, and brassiere.    

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  • Violeta

    Me encanta!! Sobre todo que no soy tan cavrtiea y cuando abro el ropero tengo que, literlmente, quemar cerebro para combinar .Es cierto que la ropa y accesorios que muestras son para gente joven pero igualmente ayuda tremendamente a dar ideas!!!

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