#OccupyWallStreet, Part II

I went with my parents to Occupy Wall Street.  The protests were only a few days old when we went, and just a few dozen people were there.  Dr. Cornel West was there.  Since I was first at Zuccotti Park there has been a lot of attention and interest in what has been going on there and the protest has grown significantly.  On October 22nd, Nami and I rode our bikes to Zuccotti Park to check out the scene.

People bang on things.

There are police barricades surrounding the park.  It is like attending a carnival on a doomed and tragic warship.  This is the lower western end of the Zuccotti Park.

This is at the eastern end of the park, near Broadway.  Dig the hippy!  I flashed him a peace sign after I took this photograph and he smiled.

People are living there, in tents, makeshift cardboard lean-tos, tarps, in sleeping bags.  It didn't smell, I was surprised. The protesters have been out there for weeks.  It's pretty clean.

The mess hall was bangin' out food. 

Many people were there.  Many people think it is important, so it is.


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