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I8NY Hot Sauce Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Grilled cheese sandwich with prosciutto, pickled onions, and I8NY Habanero Hot Sauce.  It was so good.  Big ups to Jonny and Will at I8NY.  I8NY has a stand at Smorgasburg every Saturday on the Williamsburg waterfront between N. 6th and N. 7th Streets at the East River.   They sell super-tasty chicken sandwiches, vegetable-and-ricotta sandwiches, grilled corn on the cob with smoky peach butter along with various house-made sides and condiments like hot sauce and fresh ricotta cheese.  It tastes good and you can take stuff home to make the best grilled cheese ever.  The hot sauce is extremely hot but isn't crazy hot.  It is in the vein of Vietnamese rooster sauce, but hotter and not as sweet.  It is...

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