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Japan, Pt. II - Food?

 I went to Japan a month ago.  I still don't know what to think about it.  For the past few days I have been wanting to go back. Lunch at a restaurant in Kyoto run by Chinese people.  They told us that it was the tourist season but no westerners came there, that it was because of the nuclear disaster.  I ordered ramen with pork.  Nami ordered ma po tofu which is in the bowl on the far left.  We got some fried gyoza dumplings.  It came with pickled burdock root which is in the little bowl next to the big ramen bowl.  There was hot sauce too.  This meal was very good and it was regarded by all involved...

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Chinatown Journey

   On the advice of my acupuncturist, I went to Kamwo Herbal Pharmacy at 211 Grand Street in Chinatown, near the corner of Mott.  I bought moxa for moxibustion.  The moxa I bought is little cigarette-butt looking pieces of ground mugwort and other herbs that are adhered to the body and burnt to stimulate the nervous system.    It comes in a box with a picture of a happy lady riding a turtle.    When I left Kamwo, I noticed that it was cater-corner to Di Palos, the touristy Little Italy provisions shop that is making a comeback these days.  They have really tasty food but you have to wait in this ungodly line full of people from who knows...

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