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  The 2011 baseball season is now one-quarter complete.  I took this photo from the nosebleed seats in section 535 at Citifield.  The Mets beat the Dodgers 6-3, Friday May 2nd, 2011.  We got the tickets from Dodgers fans.  When we got inside the stadium I bet them $5 each that the Dodgers couldn't beat the Mets by more than 2 runs.  The Mets went ahead and beat the Dodgers, so the over-under didn't matter.  It was a good day to catch a game, the wind blew out and the ball carried easily.  The Mets connected for 2 homers and the Dodgers managed to put one out as well.  Despite the victory, the Mets really suck this year.  Just last...

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