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Meat Drawing Corner

We hung some pencil drawings of pork chops and chickens in the corner of our house.  The three up top are chicken and the two below are pork chops.  I made them when I worked for a meat company, with the idea that I'd make them into icons for the website. Porterhouse pork chops. Chicken. I got the thread painting of butterflies and flowering plants from Java Car Service in Greenpoint.  It was late at night.  For $20 they sold it to me along with my ride back to Bushwick.  When they took it off of the wall there was a square behind it.  It was 2006.

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Nami and I have been working on some paintings and I wanted to show them to you.  I won't say much more other than to say that they will be exhibited later this year in Brooklyn.  Stay tuned for more details.  Thanks for looking at them, I would love to hear any feedback or thoughts that you have.  You can comment on this here post, or @johnhoppin FORCE This painting depicts a force, represented by the arrow, passing through a boundary, represented by the circle.  There are some markings on the bottom left. MY PHILOSOPHY This painting depicts some of my philosophy, specifically that dualities like Yes and No, Right and Wrong exist as part of the same workflow, that...

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