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Tif B is Hot

One of our fave local artists (and former Mary Meyer employee!) Tif B just put out a video for her song Marching Orders. Watch the video here. Tif B has it all: she looks incredible, sounds delicious, and we totally dig her style.  Plus the song is sick. There's no way you will not dance. Get into it!  

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Tif B. + MMC

  Tif wears from left to right: Long Sleeve Dress in Necklace, Galaxy Spatter Cape, Galaxy Splatter Leggins When you work so closely with a person, you start to pick up each others habits. Some co-workers start eating the same meals or develop obscure slang, but Mary Meyer taught me that it's possible to do things on my own terms. Mary didn't know this until very recently, but I couldn't have pursued music without  working along side her. I learned a lot from Ms. Mary Meyer. We're both outsiders, but with motivation, spirit and a small team of dedicated people (who believe in what you do so much, that their work is pro bono), we ventured into highly competitive industries. ...

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