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The Hoppin

For all my friends weddings I tend to make some custom outfit. This year my good friends John and Nami Hoppin were married and this was the dress I made for it. It was SUCH a hit I decided to put it out. Today is John's birthday so I thought what better day to release it. So here it is: The Hoppin.  This is a pic of me wearing it at the wedding which was at Roberta's and really was one of my favorite days ever. xx photo by Troy Bayless

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Who doesn't want a drink named after them? Thanks to Troy Bayless, a great photographer and friend, I now have the honor of being on the menu of Bar 355 in Oakland CA. Question is, does it rival The Hoppin, named after John Hoppin and served at Roberta's. I think a taste test is in order.... xx

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