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Pierre Cardin : The "Eternal Futurist"

Suzy Menkes of the New York Times, recently provided a retrospective of the life and work of fashion pioneer Pierre Cardin. Cardin launched his first ready to wear collection on the eve of the feminist movement. Obsessed with the future of design [and maybe subconsciously, the women’s movement], Cardin saw women wearing and moving in his clothes comfortably. He says, “I wanted to give women in the 1960s a chance to work, to sit, to take the car and drive in my dresses.” Cardin incorporates orbits, satellites and helmets with silhouettes that allows to body to move freely. According to NYT, he’s “considered a maverick and an outsider”. Cardin aims to provoke the conventional, but strives to remain relevant at...

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List under: Shopping Contact:, 718.383.1236 Spring2010 Collection is Live Release date: 3/26/10 Mary Meyer, Brooklyn based Designer, has released a comprehensive group of her much anticipated Spring 2010 line on Meyer is known for the visual language she has developed through her signature high contrast prints. For Spring 2010 Meyer took the concept “visual language” quite literally and just decided to write one. The thesis pieces of her Spring line are graphic prints with phrases written on them like “High on Love”, but the phrases are coded in her symbols. Each shirt comes with a decoder hangtag that reveals to you what the prints say. Her thinking is “everyone wants so say something, but no one really...

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Ruth Laskey

We are feeling Ruth Laskey. She is an artist I’ve been obsessing with for a long time. Her work is hand woven linen squares. The colored shapes are hand dyed pieces of thread that she weaves into the background. I love how quiet these pieces are, how long they take to make and how you can see that time when you look at them. Pictures of them are cool, but in person they really are astounding. In person, you can see the subtlety of color and also geometric patterned details woven into the cloth. Ruth lives and works in San Francisco and is represented by Ratio 3

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