1 Year Of Theme Night at Roberta's

Hey everyone. Bonnie here (though most people call me Bones) and I’m all up in the Mary Meyer BLOG!  As the self proclaimed Theme Night Coordinator at Roberta’s, I figured it was high time we had a little press. Last Friday night we celebrated our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY of Theme Night.

 For those of you who don’t know, every Friday night, the servers at Roberta’s dress according to a planned theme. It all started a year ago when I texted the girls and said, tonight is Animal Night! Dress accordingly!



What followed was fifty-two weeks of revelry, mayhem, faux pas, and genius:


1.   4/30/10            Animal            

2.   5/7/10            Safari

3.   5/14/10            Urban Cowgirl

4.   5/21/10            Edible

5.   5/28/10            Nautical

6.   6/4/10            All Tied Up

7.   6/11/10            English Garden

8.   6/18/10            Sports

9.   6/25/10            Monochrome

10.  7/2/10            School Girl

11.  7/9/10            Mono Pattern

12.  7/16/10            LBD

13.  7/23/10            Hawaiian

14.  7/30/10            Nerd

15.  8/6/10            Smoke & Metal

16.  8/13/10            Roberta’s Pizzas       

17.  8/20/10            New York, New York

18.  8/27/10            Swimsuits

19.  9/3/10            Androgyny

20.  9/10/10            Casino

21.  9/17/10            1950’s

22.  9/24/10            Seinfeld

23.  10/1/10            Tim Burton

24.  10/8/10            Alice in Wonderland

25.  10/15/10    Prohibition/Old Hollywood Glamour

26.  10/22/10            South of the Border

27.  10/29/10            Famous Killers & Victims

28.  11/5/10            Fifty Nifty United States

29.  11/12/10              Italian Bombshell / Italian Stallion

30.  11/19/10            Grunge

31.  11/26/10            Ski Bunnies

32.  12/3/10            Bones / Lace / Dawn

33.  12/10/10            Robots

34.  12/17/10            Holiday Flair

35.  12/24/10            Charlie Brown Christmas

36.  12/31/10            Sparkle

37.  1/7/11            Cops n Robbers

38.  1/14/11            Barbershop Quartet

39.  1/21/11            TLC / Fly Girl

40.  1/28/11            Red

41.  2/4/11            Madonna

42.  2/11/11            Hipster

43.  2/18/11            Clueless

44.  2/25/11            Hurry Up Spring

45.  3/4/11            Spring Break Daytona

46.  3/11/11            Roberta’s Employee

47.  3/18/11            Breakfast Club

48.  3/25/11            Double Denim

49.  4/1/11            Punk

50.  4/8/11            Circus / Carnival / Freak Show

51.  4/15/11            Flair

52.  4/22/11            Mismatched Patterns


While normally we just rotate who chooses what theme, for the special one year anniversary last Friday night, we let our Facebook fans make suggestions. Will Levatino’s offer was the lucky winner and we rounded out the year with Golden Girls night. The other ladies sported their grandma chic while I just rocked a gold outfit with gold bling to boot.



It’s pretty cool to look back on the list and recall the memories: the wild nights and also the flops (ummmm…. It may have looked like we had Fly Girl Night but I think everyone was just wondering why I was in such a crazy outfit while the other girls looked relatively normal). There’ve been nights where the customers ask us if we now have to wear uniforms (Red night, most notably). There were nights we wondered if the cute boys would think our outfits were too weird, and nights where we felt so smokin’ hot we hoped our crushes would show up. There’ve been a couple of walk of shames in theme night clothing (mono-pattern in which I had a spandex zebra print tube top on with a zebra print miniskirt and also 1950s where I ended up in the morning sun in Christian’s oversized leather jacket over my gingham blouse and pencil skirt come to mind).



Swimsuit night was hands down one of the wildest nights I’ve experienced at Roberta’s. Eddie Diaz has some videos that would best not be put up on any blog anywhere as we all certainly exposed ourselves in many ways that evening. I was most definitely stomping and booty droppin’ to Lip Gloss by Lil Mama across the tables with Kate and Lacey. Enough said.



Casino night wins second place for the craziest Theme Night. Shots and shots and shots (and more shots) of Tullamore Dew accompanied an uproarious after-hours game of Egyptian Rat Screw. I definitely batman-ed out of there that night just before sunrise.  



There was the night we were Cops ‘n Robbers after Dawn’s apartment got broken into. And I admit I chose Circus night so I could sport the tattoo bodysuit I got at Fox & Fawn. There was the night Ann Bowman wore jeans as Jerry Seinfeld. And how about on Famous Killers and Victims when Dawn interpreted that as Killer Whale? It was perfect. Or when Lacey picked Italian Bombshell just as she was falling for a certain Italian Stallion (ahem, chef)? … and she looked amazing. Meryl as a sexy librarian nerd on Nerd Night is permanently etched in my brain (duh). And Neanna pulled a flawless Molly Ringwald on Breakfast Club night. Ahhh the memories.



It’s been a great year of Theme Nights. It just makes a Friday night more fucking fun when it comes down to it. It promotes a camaraderie that I think is what makes working at Roberta’s so amazing. So now, after one year of religiously wearing our themed outfits on Friday nights we’re going to make it a monthly thing. And it will be a blowout, as we tend to do over at Roberta’s.



For those who have followed my Theme Night photos for the past year, look out for them monthly now. And if you haven’t checked them out yet, my name is Bonnie Pipkin and I don’t think I have any of the privacy settings up on Facebook. Have a gander at all three albums. (You can check out my Kitty Yawns album too while you’re there!)


Big ups to the girls that have made Theme Night AMAZING: Dawn Mauberret, Lacey Sugden, Neanna Bodycomb, Meryl Williams, Kate Murrin and Ann Bowman. With special guest appearances in there with the other guys and gals at the joint.




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