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1 Year Of Theme Night at Roberta's

Hey everyone. Bonnie here (though most people call me Bones) and I’m all up in the Mary Meyer BLOG!  As the self proclaimed Theme Night Coordinator at Roberta’s, I figured it was high time we had a little press. Last Friday night we celebrated our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY of Theme Night.  For those of you who don’t know, every Friday night, the servers at Roberta’s dress according to a planned theme. It all started a year ago when I texted the girls and said, tonight is Animal Night! Dress accordingly!     What followed was fifty-two weeks of revelry, mayhem, faux pas, and genius:   1.   4/30/10            Animal             2.   5/7/10            Safari 3.   5/14/10            Urban Cowgirl 4.   5/21/10            Edible 5.  ...

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